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County fairs have been a long time interest of mine. The photograph on the previous page is from the 1970s and the Fayette County, Pennsylvania fair. It is a mid sized fair, a nice mix of agricultural exhibits and carnival midway. This year marks an 8-year personal project to photograph southwestern Pennsylvania. It is the part of the state where I grew up and did my initial photography. When I decided it was time to begin the editing process for this latest photographic project it became apparent to me that I could edit out the images made of this fair and create a separate book of my impressions.

I’m not the first photographer to discover the rich texture offered at a county fair. When July rolled around I’ve made sure that this fair was on my calendar. As soon as the fair’s Web page would be posted for the current year I marked down the events I wanted to document. The two big draws at the arena have always been the demolition derby and the “Bulls & the Boys Rodeo”. For the agricultural set the beef auction was of similar interest, but less dramatic.

There were repeated events to explore and make refinements to my document. In a similar vein the stopping by a church’s food building to have at least a few cheeseburgers was a definte ritual.




W. Keith McManus

Uniontown, Pennsylvania

August 2013